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January 2023 – Ayurveda Treatments and The best of Kerala in India

LOCATION: Kerala, South of India

DATE: 14 days stay from 28 January 2023


Where was the healing power of Ayurveda born? In India, after all.
Let us be transported to the homeland of Ayurveda. Let’s experience Ayurvedic cleansing where it’s done best.

We will be guided by Dr. Venu, who will prescribe tailor-made therapies and guide us to the places he is most proud of in his home country.

Dr. Venu has prepared the following program for us:

⇒ A week-long cleansing program at the Ayurvedic Centre in Kerala under the supervision of Dr. Venu
⇒ A day trip on a HouseBoat
⇒ Local trip to GARUDA PARA – Jatayupara is a hillock famous for the giant rock sculpture of Jatayu, the mythical bird
⇒ A day trip to THEKKADI, India’s largest wildlife sanctuary
⇒ Visit the Spices place, Cultural Events Kalari Payatu and Katha Kali
⇒ Tea plantation, Sightseeings and 2-3 hours mountain Tracking in MUNNAR
⇒ Visit of COCHIN – Athirapalli Water Fall and the oldest Jew Street
⇒ Some lazy days at the beach

⇒ We’ll also visit the Padmanabhaswamy temple, one among the wealthiest shrines in the world.

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