Enjoy the Silence

June 2023 – Enjoy the Silence in the beauty of Slovak nature

LOCATION: Liptov, Slovakia

DATE: 6 day stay from 10 June 2023

♠ Can you stand not talking all day?
♠ Can your mind calm down completely so that your mind does not talk at all?
♠ Do you sometimes leave your mobile phone at home deliberately so that it doesn’t disturb you?
♠ Do you have a job that calms you down?
♠ Do you have time for yourself at home for at least 2 hours a day?

If you answered YES to these questions, congratulations! But if you answered no, never mind, we have a suggestion for you.

Come with us into the bosom of nature. Where your mind won’t get lost. Where you don’t need a cell phone or any words. You just need to be yourself, to be in nature, to do for yourself and for the nature around us.
In complete silence, without ringing phones, without news from all over the world. We will perceive ourselves here and now and the world in the immediate vicinity around us.

Through yoga, breathing exercises and meaningful activities for our nature, we will understand how simple everything actually is.

Can you feel the voice of nature, the voice of the universe? The time has come.

Pre-order your stay and we at Ayur Dia will be happy to send you the details for a Stay in silence to your email.

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