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July 2023 – Ayurveda Body and Soul Retreat in Slovakia

LOCATION: LOZORNO, 24 km from Bratislava

DATE: 6 day stay from 8 July 2023


Well done. You have found just what you were looking for.

A stay with your Ayurvedic doctor, your Ayurvedic therapist, Yoga practitioner and Indian cook. Are you already in Paradise? Yes, you are. You will fall asleep in a boutique hotel and wake up in the open-air museum of a Slovak village. We will practice yoga together and meditate by the lake, which will bring harmony and peace into our days.

Welcome at the Mill in Lozorno, in true heaven on Earth.

Experience with us a true Ayurveda healing stay for your body and soul:

♣ Entrance and Exit medical examination with Dr. Venu
♣ Consultations with Dr. Venu throughout your stay
♣ Massage every day for you type of dosha guided by experienced Ayurvedic therapists from India
♣ Yoga, meditation, breathing exercises with Dr. Venu and his Guests
♣ Ayurvedic food throughout the stay using the best local foods and Indian flavours
♣ Peace and joy in one place in pleasant company

Pre-order your stay and we at Ayur Dia will be happy to send you the details for the Ayurveda Stay in Lozorno to your email.

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